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Bad Talt Hall by Nancy C. Brown


Letters from the Battlefield by Greg Lepore

Shoot-out at Martin Train Depot by Bob Hall

The Whitakers by David C. Whitaker

Descendants of William Vicars by Dawna J. Vicars

The Saga of Bad John Hall by Bob Hall

Benjamin Harrison 1750-1808 by Jeremy F. Elliott

Mystery of the Young Soldiers by Willis Sexton

Aging Gracefully – Emily Qualls by Dorothy Witt & Wanda Rose

Correction by Benjamin F. Luntz

Wise County Marriage Books by William C. Gobble





Pike County Kentucky Marriages by Patricia H. Baldwin

New Columnist by P.H. Baldwin

Mixing It Up by Karlton Douglas

Melungeons and Myth by George R. Gibson

Update–What is Melungeon by Dr. N. Brent Kennedy

On The Bookshelf by Fannie Lane Steele

Calendar: Events of the area

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