The Inn at Wise

From time to time we write tributes to people who have contributed their time and talent to the Wise County Historical Society.

William C. “Bill” Gobble[/intlink]

[intlink id=”2260″ type=”post”]Dorothy Hall Witt[/intlink]

[intlink id=”2482″ type=”post”]Wanda May Rose[/intlink]

[intlink id=”1605″ type=”post”]Billy R. Porter[/intlink]

[intlink id=”1634″ type=”post”]Fannie Steele[/intlink]

A Tribute To Ganell Marshall

[intlink id=”1615″ type=”post”]Paul Kilgore[/intlink]

[intlink id=”1595″ type=”post”]Lillian Gobble[/intlink]

[intlink id=”2675″ type=”post”]Nancy Clark Hays[/intlink]

[intlink id=”1733″ type=”post”]Patricia Hopkins Baldwin[/intlink]

[intlink id=”1598″ type=”post”]Denver \”Bud\” Osborne[/intlink]

[intlink id=”3024″ type=”post”]Nina Mullins[/intlink]

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