Genealogy Symbols

Genealogy Symbols

  • * born
  • (*) born illegitimate
  • 0         betrothed
  • 00 married
  • 0-0 Common Law Marriage
  • x  baptized or christened
  • 0/0  Divorced
  • +    died
  • x    died
  • buried
  • buried
  • (-) No further Issue
  • ++ No further Issue

Abbreviated Words From Latin

accountant accomptant -compt
according accord
account acct or accot
administrator admint
administratrix adminx
aforesaid aforsd, forsd, afsd.
captain captn, capt.
church chh
daughter dau, daur
deceased dec d
ditto do, or d0
esquire esq, esqr, or esq
executor exec r   exor
gentleman gentl n, gent
honorable hon ble, hon:
improvement improv.
inventory inventy, inv.
Junior Jun r, Jr, Jun
Messieurs Messrs, Mess
namely viz, viz: vizx
paid pd,
personal person l,  p’son  l
probate prob t
probate register p.regist r
received recd, recvd
receipt rec t
record rec d
register reg r, regist r
said sd
senior Sen r, Sr., Sen:
testament testam t, testa:
the ye, y e, yere, yen, yis

Meaning of Letters

b. maker breeches-maker
b’ k. black
b’ s blacksmith
c. make clock maker
d. distillery
f. ferry, forge, furnace
f. m fulling mill
f. master forage master
g. gristmill
gr. ground rent
h. m. hemp mill
m. mill
m.w. millwright
o.m. oil mill
p.h’d. per head
q.m. quarter master
s. keeper shoe keeper
s. m. saw mills
s. master school master
s. m’ r shoe maker
s. still
s. weaver stocking weaver
t. k. tavern keeper
t. y. tan yard
w. weaver


Anno domini In the year of our Lord
Circa/ca/circ about
et al and others
item also/likewise
liber/libro book
nepos grandson
obit/ob he/she died
requiescat in pace/rip rest in peace
sic Thus so
testes witnesses
ultimo/ult last
uxor/us/vx wife

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