A Tribute to Nina Mullins

Nina Counts Mullins

Nina Counts Mullins

Born in the shadows of the mountains in Dickenson County, VA on a blustery March morning, Nina Ruth Counts emerged into a family of five children.  Nina being the oldest assumed responsibility at an early age.  Nina was married at age 19 to Cossie Mullins, Jr. and they began their married life in Clinchco, VA, then moved Scott Robinson Hollow Road where she has lived since.

Over the years , after caring for four elderly members of her husband’s  and her family and then Cossie who died of ALS she has dedicated her life to different organizations of service.  She has been a member of the Home Extension for 30 years and was elected Homemaker of the Year for two straight years.  She is a charter member of the Norton Community Hospital Auxiliary and has served as President for three years and current buyer and manager of the Helping Hands Gift Shop.

She is a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Pound and is involved with feeding the elderly and disabled in the church community.  She is a charter member of the Wise County Historical Society and helps in whatever capacity she is needed. She is our best sales person traveling to various community activities and helping set up tables and attending them selling books for the Historical Society to help keep  it afloat.

Nina is a great cook, very good at entertaining and has had the Historical Society to her home for dinners and has catered certain social events presented by the Historical Society.

Above all she is a dedicated  mother of one daughter, Sheryl, three grandchildren and four great-grandsons and is always there for whoever needs her.

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