I Went Back Home Today

I went Back Home Today

I went back home today,
Where I was born and raised
Anticipation filled my soul
Nostalgic memories I embraced.

As I arrived upon the scene
I was filled with disillusion
I did not recognize the place,
My mind clouded with confusion.

There was nothing left but weeds and thorns,
Where once our house had stood
And the garden spot where we once toiled
Grew locust, briars and sourwood.

Where was the yard where we used to play,
And the path to the bubbling spring?
Where is the barn and the chicken coops?
The split-rail fence and the apple trees?

I turned to leave and looked around
To take one last glance and behold!
It was all there as clear as day,
The scenes of long ago.

A log house fastened sure and strong,
Against the winter’s wind
The field of ripened, golden grain
Lay lazily glistening in the sun.

Pa’s weather-beaten rifle,
Leaning against the old porch rail
Just waiting for the culprit
That spilled the milking pail.

And children’s melodious song,
Floating upon the morning breeze
The pungent smell of firewood smoke,
Filtering through the trees.

Mama calling from the doorway
In a voice so sweet and clear
It rang out to the hills above
“Its supper time, come here!”

I stood there spellbound in a trance
Reliving days gone by
Awakened by a teardrop,
Slowly trickling from my eye.

We hear the words, “You can’t go back”
That is what most folks say
Inside my heart I know they’re wrong
I went back home today.

Fannie Lane Steele

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