Problems and Fun of Family Historians

Problems and Fun of the Family Historians

Every family has at least one
In this case you may count three
Plus the others who informed us
Of the twigs upon the tree.

When they listed all the children
Failed to note where they belong
Was it this one?  Was it that one?
All named Rawley, Sam or John!

When they didn’t give their grand-dad
Or the one who was his wife
What a problem was before us!
Couldn’t tell to save your life!

We have gone to lonely graveyards
For a name, a place, a date
Just to verify a grandpa
And his second unknown mate.

We have searched in courthouse attics
For the records hidden there
In the files and in the boxes
Fragile papers, old and rare.

Hunting, searching, looking, leafing
For a glimpse into the past
History was in the making
And for us our lot was cast!

Hazardous, the jaunts we’ve taken
Climbing fences, fording streams
Barbed wire, chiggers, poison ivy
Swinging bridges and bad dreams.

Parting bushes, chalking tombstones, Microfilms, a hundred reels

Husbands wondering if ever,
they would get some home-cooked meals

Books and folders, jumble, clutter
We have made a great collection
Deeds and wills and land appraisals
Now its called Stallard Connection.

Tell us, now the data’s gathered, Plus the pictures old and dim
Have we failed to have the right one,
Hanging on the proper limb?

Gladys J. Stallard

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