Native American & Melungeon Museum and Gathering

Native American and Melungeon Museum at Best Friend Festival – June 1996 in Norton, VA

Phillip Trent Collection of Native American Artifacts – Trent Street in Norton was named for Phillip Trent

Phillip and Marlene Trent

Phillip and Marlene Trent with Native American man
Fannie Steele and Gray Fox
/American Indian Costumes and Weapons
Native American Artifacts
Shadow of the Mountains Canes made by Letcher Steele
Pamela S. Gilliam, Gray Fox and Chesleigh
Indian Babes in Teepee
Historical Quilt by Wanda Rose for WCHS & H.S. Books
Wanda Rose and  Quilt
Letcher Steele, Tex 2 feathers and his grandson
Native American Pottery & Baskets

A Melungeon Gathering

At Clinch Valley College where over 1000 people attended.

Melungeon People are said to be a group of people with mixed White, Indian and  Negro and perhaps Asian  ancestry in the southern Appalachians.  They are of uncertain origin, however research is being done to find more information.  Note: If anyone has photos of this event and would like to share them,for this website,

please email them to

Some of the peoples names are unknown

Wanda Rose & Unknown
Melungeon Gathering
Melungeon- Union
Melungeon Union
 Rhonda Robertson & Fannie Steele

Nina Mullins


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